Legal persons
Numerous legal persons operating in different areas, from state and city institutions, through business entities in the field of civil engineering, engineering, manufacturing, trade, to business entities in bankruptcy and liquidation, entrusted to our law firm.
Social security institutions, business and citizens’ associations, cooperatives, schools, foundations, non-governmental organizations entrusted to us as well.
In the field of business with legal persons, our law firm provides legal services for consulting, making and concluding all types of contracts in the field of commercial and other laws, registration of legal persons, drafting of juristic acts, representation in courts and other state bodies, as well as providing legal advice and other legal services.
Natural persons
Our law firm represents large number of individuals, with whom it seeks to establish strong and fruitful cooperation based on mutual trust. Business is carried out through ad hoc tasks requiring the one-time engagement of lawyers such as making contracts in the field of real estate and other contracts, real estate registration with the cadastre, obtaining tax certificates, etc., where they strive for a quick, efficient and permanent solution, with as little expenditure as possible for the client, as well as representation in litigation and other procedures, among which significant restitution procedures take place.
For jobs where longer engagement is required, such as representation before courts and other state bodies, our law firm, on the basis of insight into documentation and conversation with the client, determines the best and most acceptable solution for the client, and then approaches the realization of the agreed. Permanent contact and customer notification of ongoing procedures are in our opinion the key to many years of successful business operations, because we consider that the client should be informed of all the important facts.
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