About us

About us

Welcome to Law firm Radošević and Žarković. Law firm Radošević and Žarković has over 15 years of experience in giving law services and act on behalf of legal and natural persons before the judiciary and other state organs in Serbia. The services our firm offers are primarly in the area of civil law which implies usual civil lawsuit and representation before the court in the litigations that come from law of obligations and property law, compensatory damages, labor law but also a wide range of activities in the field of commercial law including representation in commercial litigations, liquidation and bankruptcy.

The acitivites of lawyers in this office, their associates and probationary employees are also focused on working with business entities in the field of commercial, business and civil law.

The services we offer to our clients are comprehensive – from consultations, finding the best solution to all the questions and problems that our clients have, both in terms of the ultimate business result, as well as the financial cost, to the realization of the agreed solution, either through the settlement with the opposing litigant or, if an agreement is not possible, through representation in administrative procedures and/or before the court, all with the aim of protecting the interests of clients and achieving the best results in a specific case.

Client approach and services we offer are based on high quality level and finding and presenting solutions in timely manner and in accordance with the individual needs of each client. By giving creative and practical advice, based on good knowledge of the legal and business environment, we help our clients in achieving their business goals. At this moment law firm Radošević and Žarković gives law services primarily to many local companies and to a large number of natural persons. All our clients without distinction get law services on the highest professional level.Our firm is made of an efficient, professional and experienced team of lawyers and associates in all fields of law who follow on daily level all the changes in the legislations, court practice and business ongoings and circumstances. We leverage on this experience and our knowledge to resolve all the questions our clients could have.

Welcome to Law firm Radošević and Žarković!

Our mission

The mission of „Radošević and Žarković“ Law Office is to provide efficient legal services to its clients.
  • Acceptable solution for issues and problems presented by our clients
  • Service provision is based on a high quality level
  • Creative, practical advice, based on a good knowledge of the legal and business environment
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